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Ivan Logos

Ivan Logos, a co-founder, music ideologist, and art director of the Saint Petersburg Gamma festival and m_division group, has been immersed in music and culture for over fifteen years. From his very first mix to the present day, he has earned a reputation for his unwavering dedication to crafting unforgettable experiences for his audience, constantly striving for perfection in his performances. His signature style is marked by complex structures, immersive atmospheres, and unpredictable musical journeys that traverse various eras of techno music. He experiments with sound and formats, producing a powerful and intense sonic landscape that unveils like a finely tuned mechanism, enveloping every inch of space. This distinctive philosophy is not only evident in Ivan Logos’s work but also permeates the large-scale m_division events he curates and extends his passion for innovative and captivating musical experiences.

For 15 years, Ivan Logos has played at many festivals and events and has shared the stage with the following artists: Answer Code Request (DE), Ancient Methods (DE), Abdulla Rashim aka Anthony Linell (SE), Arnaud Rebotini (FR), Ben Klock (DE), Blake Baxter (US), Boston 168 (IT), Byetone (DE), Codex Empire (DE), Dax J (DE), Dasha Rush (FR/RU), Dustin Zahn (US), Headless Horseman (DE), Imperial Black Unit (DE), I Hate Models (FR), Kangding Ray (FR), Levon Vincent (US), Marcel Fengler (DE), Marcelus (FR), Marco Shuttle (DE), Monoloc (DE), Oscar Mulero (ES), Orphx (CA), Peter Van Hoesen (DE), Samuel Kerridge (UK), Surgeon (UK), Steve Rachmad aka Sterac (NL), Takaaki Itoh (JP), Terence Fixmer (FR), The Exaltics (DE),  Umwelt (FR), Varg (SE) and etc..

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